2k18 ! Connect in to out

On this auspicious occasion of New Year, which is celebrated with zest and zeal, and is perceived to be one of the important event, that marks a new beginning for a good percentage of population across the globe, after all the peaceful to abominable incidents that have occurred, this piece of literature would throw light on one of the refined aspect of human nature, that is the bonding and connection they make to happen.

Despite of any type of communication, the sole communication where any route to achieve it, the people who are involved find themselves to establish some connections.  From meeting new people and becoming friends to becoming strangers again may be, there has been some kind of emotions that exist beyond the scope of adjectives.

This article carries the motive to blend such warmth of relationships, the coldness of devastation and the miracle to how such bonding or connections happen. If you draw your attention, to our daily life the gravity is not only responsible to hold us in her lap but also make such connections with its neighbor’s, for her child to enjoy warmth and protection.

So, on celebrating her accomplishment on the first day of January, like every bygone year, here this is to add some different essence of life, to all the readers.

Be it the sharing of a newspaper on a train, debates over politics at the station, the conversations over the aromatic tea with the stranger at the stall, the discussion on the could have been improvements in the transportation system while travelling by bus on the curvy daunting roads in the mountains, the destination analysis with the  companion on board or discuss the fate of business era to add to it, the person you just meet on the stairs at office from other department joins you at the canteen for lunch, the other gangs at the beach, the  “May I buy you a drink?” for a beautiful person initiation statement at the bar, the across the terrace talk with the neighbors, the glance at very known but yet unknown face at the mall, the chat that starts with a message from the unknown number, the information gathered from that cab driver, the greetings from the manager at the hotel to the pleasing smile of the waiter, and many more, such minuscule occurrence that we most of the time tend to ignore amidst our busy schedule.

Those small moments and beautiful gesture between two individuals, for a short span, could turn out to be a lifelong relationship. Some stay as memories and leave behind a deep impact and contribute lots to one’s life. In other cases where it could be pink of joy that brings a bright smile on the face. Well! with no intention of leaving out the contrasting aspect, of meetings that bought adversities.

There have been incidents all over this world where due to such emotional turbulence and excess depth of connections has proved to be threatening! but today let’s cherish and laud the brighter side today.

So on the whoop-de-do season when the feet dance to the heavy beats, the fountain of words spreads only warmth, there message of love is travelling at the lighting speed, when the blessings are showering from heaven with abundance, and every pleasing faces are greeting each other, there we could sense the beauty of life, living! These contacts with connections that establish a shoulder to support, in friends; a life partner to behold; a companion to share and all those acquired relationships of life time.


We cannot feel alone, while staying alone for some time is a necessity. Thus these festivals and celebration are the time that helps rebound with all our distant near friends, spend time with family and relatives which seems next to non-existence on regular days. To commemorate all these innate and acquired relationships such festivals celebrated with grand and pomp holds true importance in one’s life.


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